[Image courtesy of PsySheep]
["HotLips" HotPants]
Pictured above is pair of high-waisted hot-pants. Pictured with "hot lips" print. Available in a variety of fabrics and prints and waist heights.
[Cheerleader Skirt and Sleeveless Top (with "Hologram" Contrast PVC)]
Pictured above is another cheerleader outfit design. Top is a black PVC vest with a silver hologram PVC front panel. The skirt is a panel skirt with black PVC outer panels and silver PVC inner panels. Available in a variety of colors and fabrics.

[Blue-striped "sport dress"]
Pictured above is a the two-toned "sport dress". This is another sheath dress constructed of two different colored PVC panels. Available in a variety of stretch fabrics and PVC.
[Zip-front stretch crop top]
Pictured above is a zip-front, short-sleeved crop top. This example is made from silver "hologram" PVC. Available in a choice of stretch fabrics and PVCs.

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